The Contemporary Beacon (CB) was started by a Stanford student who lamented hearing the same Trump sound bite reported throughout the entire day by the major news stations. CB will attempt to write think tank style deep-dive stories on the core topics behind fiercely debated issues. Not reactionary, CB instead wants citizens to understand what has become perhaps unfairly assumed political jargon before their elected officials amend them. Our first article attempted to show the importance of Cabinet Departments, showing the efficacy of just one small program inside one Federal Agency can have an immense impact, and show how poor leadership can sully these initiatives. A second piece explored the core moral identity of American foreign policy by examining a religious civil war currently gripping one African country.

Future posts will try to explain both domestic policies such as the CFPB and EPA regulations, and international affairs such as major elections and government investments.


All press inquiries and other questions may be sent to contemporarybeacon@gmail.com.